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"IAL  took me through my first two months of Aliyah, solving numerous bureaucratic issues along the way, and being my own personal financial adviser for all things related to my money and my apartment here in Israel. I don’t know how I would have made Aliyah without them!"

Ronnie K


“Israel At Last put together a great list of apartments for us to see in Tel Aviv. They were straight, honest and gave us such a good buying experience. We are not planning to move homes again, but if we do, we will definitely be using Israel At Last!"

Gabrielle and David


“Israel At Last saved us 230,000 Shekel over the life of our mortgage by restructuring our loan and negotiating hard with the banks on our behalf”

Jonathan B


“Having one place to turn to, in English, who could take a broad view of all our financial matters in one go is has been worth it’s weight in gold!”

Karen and David A


“Our finances in Israel were for us the most stressful part of our Aliyah. Getting used to a totally new world was very daunting. Israel At Last took away all of our anxiety, and made our Aliyah a wonderful experience and very financially efficient. We look forward to working with them down the line.”

Jon S

Modiin, Israel

We had a wonderful experience working through IAL. Who would have thought that buying a property in Israel could be such a smooth and pleasant experience?!



"The Aliyah VIP service is a must for anyone who wants to settle down quickly and easily in Israel"

Phil and Ariella


“After living in Israel for a few years, I had taken out all kinds of insurance policies and I didn’t really know exactly what I had coverage for and how much I was paying. Israel At Last sat me down and worked through it all, saving me money and ensuring my family got the best cover. If only we had met as soon as I made Aliyah! “

David N


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