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Finding a list of suitable properties to buy or rent can be a challenge when:

  • Most of the resources available are in a foreign language

  • Most real-estate brokers are more interested in selling you things they have instead of what you want or need

  • You don’t feel secure enough to enter in to such a major transaction on your own  

Through our sister business, IAL Real Estate, we will act as your eyes and ears on the ground, using a simple straight-forward approach to find properties that suit your needs and your budget, both for buying and renting. Our trusted network of local professionals, as well as our own experience and expertise, allow us to bring the right properties to you, be them on-market, off-market, second hand or new-build from developers. We hold your hand throughout the entire process, bringing in 3rd parties where necessary (such as lawyers, accountants, property managers, insurance, etc), and providing you with a transparent, user-friendly and cost-effective service that gives you the comfort and confidence to find and  enjoy your new home in Israel.

We had a wonderful experience working through IAL. Who would have thought that buying a property in Israel could be such a smooth and pleasant experience?!



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