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A new country. A new financial system. With new rules and regulations, new investment and savings products and a lack of English-speakers working in the industry this is the area that leaves many Olim scratching their heads, even after being in Israel for many years.

With the Israeli investment License and many years of first-hand experience on the Israeli finance and investment scene, we have helped hundreds of clients to plan and execute their investment strategies here in Israel. By having the full range of local investment options to offer, we can provide you with creative solutions for everything from managing large long-term investment portfolios, investing via tax-efficient vehicles in order to boost your retirement income, extending your ten-year tax break, Israeli annuities, optimisation of your pension and gemel portfolio, to simply starting a savings plan for you and your children.

We offer both ongoing involvement with your investments, as well as one-off consultations.

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Young Families

Empty Nesters

Foreign Residents

Empty Nesters

Helping you tap in to creative and excellent solutions, such as:

  • Boosting pension savings, and utilizing tax-efficient savings and investment vehicles

  • Optimisation of your existing Pension and Keren Hishtalmut

  • Portfolio management in English with some of Israel's leading boutique managers

  • Shekel savings

  • Unique investment products that link to Long Term Care Insurance

  • Israeli property  and technology funds

  • Wealth Protection Fund

  • Self-managed pension funds and Keren Hishtalmut

  • For US citizens - access to a unique investment that is tax-efficient both from an Israeli and a US perspective ($1m and above)

Young Families & Professionals

Providing you with the best Israel has to offer, helping you to save and invest for you and your family's future:

  • Long term savings plans for you and your children

  • Investment products that link to cost-effective Life Insurance

  • Kupot Gemel Lehashkaa

  • Professional investment management through Israel's leading financial institutions

  • Optimisation of your Pension and Keren Hishtalmut

  • Simple choice of investment tracks, which can be mixed and matched to suit your risk-profile

Foreign Residents

There are so many reasons to invest funds in Israel. Issues such as political uncertainty, future Aliyah plans, relocation of family members, geographical diversification and a stable and well-regulated financial system mean that Israel is an excellent location for a part of your savings and investments. Some of the solutions we can offer foreign residents include:

  • Bespoke portfolios in various currencies, managed, in English, by some of Israel's leading boutique portfolio managers (for sums starting from $300,000)

  • Professional investment management in Shekel through Israel's leading financial institutions (available for sums starting from as low as 50,000 Shekels)

  • Local Hedge Funds

  • Israeli Property Funds

  • Israeli technology funds

  • Assisting in setting up Israeli bank accounts and transferring funds over cost-efficiently

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Empty Nesters
Young Families and Professionals
Foreign Residents
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