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There are many things that an oleh has to deal with after moving to Israel. As well as the physical and emotional upheaval is much weird and wonderful bureaucracy. Despite all of the things that you can prepare beforehand, after arrival there are several unavoidable trips that need to me made to various offices and institutions, utilities that need to be set up, health insurance to be organised, bank accounts to be opened, etc. 

This is where we come in, holding your hand through the initial adjustment period. We manage your Aliyah-related schedule and allow you to sail through your visits to the various government offices by accompany you on these visits, helping you to navigate the system and removing the language and cultural barriers that exist.

With the time and money that we will save you, the cost of the service will be paid back in no time at all!

"The Aliyah VIP service is a must for anyone who wants to settle down quickly and easily in Israel"

Phil and Ariella


This service lasts for the first 2 months

after making Aliyah, and includes the following:

  • Accompanying you on 4 of your visits to each of the governmental offices that you will need to go to

  • Setting up a bank account

  • Assisting you to look for suitable properties to rent/buy in the area of your choice

  • Setting up utilities

  • In-depth explanation of the Israeli banking system, and discussing the most efficient way to handle your finances whilst you are relocating

  • Availability 6 days a week during working hours for general advice and assistance

  • Ensuring you are surrounded by an amazing team of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment managers, health advisers, etc.

  • Accompanying you to additional meetings for an additional cost per meeting


$1,499 + VAT.

(Please note that this does not include external or 3rd party costs, e.g. bank fees, legal fees or real estate brokerage)

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Breeze through the bureaucracy, on-demand advice and assistance


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